Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feedback Updates for 16 Bit Adventures (v1.2)

+Erik McGrath

This is a short post. I spent some time since my last tests fixing the errors we found and making some minor changes to help bookkeeping and better explain things. I expect to keep making these over the week and will post again on Sunday with the best version.

For now I have:

  • Added M.Atk columns to the class pages.
  • Added M.Atk and M.Dmg boxes to all character sheets. The reason for adding those to the non-casters will soon be revealed.
  • Changed ATK and M.ATK progressions. My test group hit Lv3 this past Sunday and we discovered that Monks were getting a 3rd attack before anyone else ever got a 2nd one.
  • Changed the Fast weapon property to work more like AE magic.
  • Simplified AE magic spells. They now only roll 1 die per target and gain a static bonus for additional dice.
  • Adjusted amount of HP Cure restores.
  • Clarified some spell descriptions.
  • Changed Crits. The previous way was too swingy at low level. The new way changes very little at higher level but makes a huge difference at low levels.

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