Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rest is for the Weak

Ninja can rest when they're dead

+Erik McGrath

Good afternoon everyone; it is a sunny Sunday in Braintree, MA today so what better weather in which to discuss ninjas could there be?

Progress is steady once more on Sudden Death and this week we have some new card art to show off. We are preparing a second Print-and-Play PDF with the new material and the latest revisions due to our ongoing playtests.

The most notable revision is the change to how a ninja can withdraw from the action. Previously the stand-off that resulted could drag on for many turns before someone attacked, but now there is at most one round of circling when each player can either draw a card or play an action from their hand. Once that is done it is back to the fight.  We are also testing ideas that streamline the circling process so the action and fighting is maintained, rather than broken up.

heavy cloak sudden death ninja attack card game poison caltrops sudden death ninja attack card game

Saturday, April 13, 2013

After a Hushed Silence, the Ninja Are Back

sudden death ninja toolbox
+Erik McGrath

So it's been awhile since I have said anything about Sudden Death and it's time to rectify that. The past few weeks have seen me get a new job, which stole most of the time I had been using for Inspired, but now that I am used to it things should get back to normal.

On the plus side we haven't been doing entirely nothing these past two weeks on the game front, as we have more images to share today as well as a tutorial video being edited together.

sudden death ninja meditation insight
Sketch art by +Laura Hamilton 
sudden death ninja arrow sudden death crossbowsudden death poison caltropssudden death poison gas