About Us

We here at Inspired Press make hobby games; card games, board games, even the odd short RPG. Currently all our products are in varying stages of development as this isn't our profession. It's a hobby, but a fun one, so look out for us soon.

Check out our Hobby Games page or Educational Games page for more info on the projects we're working on.

Who Are the Developers of Inspired Press?

Erik McGrath
Managing Partner, Creative Director, Lead Designer

I was indoctrinated into gaming at a young age when one day in the summer of 1986 my father showed up with an NES and The Legend of Zelda. From then on I was a geek to the core. The old man taught me D&D using the Black Box, the Rules Cyclopedia and the original AD&D DMG. The Black Box was lost to my over enthusiastic use as a boy but I still have both the RC and DMG.

Outside of gaming I and generally obsessed with numbers. I have a BS in Physics and I solve differential equations for fun. I am the mathematical and scientific gatekeeper for Inspired, if there is an equation involved I'm the one who put it there.

I can't leave a game system alone. No matter what it is I like to convert, modifier and just generally hack them up. Some of my favorites are using Pendragon for 40k, MHRP for Pokemon, and bashing Fate 3 systems into highly specific rulesets.

Christopher Andersen
Managing Partner, Developer, Writing, Accounting

When I'm not making games, I'm working for my father in the field of non-profit accounting and administration.  I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades here at Inspired.  I've studied physics, culinary arts, and now accounting.

My first introduction to tabletop gaming was in college, where I met Erik.  My favorite roleplaying games were set in 7th Sea, Star Wars d20, Changeling: The Dreaming, Vampire: The Masquerade (LARP), and more recently the Marvel Roleplaying System.  My favorite card game is Illuminati, mainly because cheating is encouraged, and I liked the fact that that rule meshed so well with the theme.

Beyond the fun of creating games/game systems, I enjoy coming up with the backstory and fluff that surrounds many of our games.  I also manage the website, dabble in the art side of things, and handle any of the bookkeeping required for Inspired Press.

Laura Fallon Andersen
Educational Games Developer, Art Design

I've been blessed by the nerd stick since the very day I was born.  Rather than buying a newspaper to document the occasion, my father bought that month's copy of Scientific American. As a result, I find myself happily entrenched in a career in STEM education. Unique curriculum development has been a passion of mine since my days at the Boston Museum of Science and has wonderfully carried over to my position now with Play-Well TEKnologies.

Unfortunately, because I have the best job in the world for a geek like me, I have little time for outside gaming. When I do get the rare and auspicious occasion to play games, I love to try and figure out everything I can learn from the game, usually through a deep observation/quick strike approach. So if we are talking any type of RPG you can almost guarantee I will be playing the Rogue.

As a deep believer in education through gaming-rich liberal curricula, my part at Inspired Press is in educational games development. I also help out with the artwork, as I have had a thorough education in art.