Friday, March 29, 2013

Card Art for Sudden Death

kusari-gama sudden death ninja attack card game+Erik McGrath

The art for Sudden Death is now fully underway thanks to +Laura Hamilton. Her stuff is fantastic, as I'm sure many of you already know, and the challenge for us now is doing the typing and setting up her images with the necessary hardware to make them into full on cards.

This is all in preparation to use Kickstarter as I have mentioned briefly in past posts. By getting the artwork fully settled before we even try to get funding we hope to show our commitment to this project beyond a shadow of a doubt. To that end we've commissioned a half dozen images from Laura to whet appetites which should help us reach our goal so that we can afford to have her do the entire set.

So here's a few of the works in progress:

sudden death ninja attack card game cunning decoy sudden death ninja attack card game metal claws sudden death ninja attack card game smoke bomb

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