Friday, February 22, 2013

TotalCon Playtest, Goblin Sketches and More

Inspired Press Goblin Junk Yard Knight
-Erik McGrath

The Good

Chem 101 is coming along admirably. Laura's post earlier this week is now our most viewed and the interest has galvanized our design team into making a prototype fit for outside testing. The purpose of the game is for it to be a fun way to help students learn how to make Lewis Dot Structures of molecules and ions. The basic game will include the elements H, C, N, O & F and focus on the importance of the Octet Rule.

We will be at TotalCon this Sunday, February 24th with both Battle Tank and Chem 101 in playable form.  Look for us in the Open Gaming area. We will be happy to answer any Inspired related questions as well as talk about gaming in general.

The 100 Goblins Challenge CJ started is proceeding well.  CJ, Laura and I will each post 100 sketches of goblins in an effort to solidify an art style for future games that will use line art. Only a few of the games we have in process will fit with a cartoon style but we want them to be unified in their style across the lines where possible.

The Bad

Our best quotes for production of Battle Tank are still well out of our price range. It's looking like the price concerns are going to push Battle Tank off the front burner. Without significantly more interest bubbling up around it, it won't ever see full production but there is still some hope as we continue our play testing and marketing efforts.

A very small run of Battle Tank, made basically by hand, is still a possibility.

The Ugly

Board games are my favorite thing to design. I like all the possibilities that the moving parts present, but for a tiny company with no market share the simple cost is a difficult hurdle. Card games are liable to be the immediate future of Inspired Press simply due to the ease of bringing them to market with the abundant Print-On-Demand resources available for card-only games.

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