Monday, December 10, 2012

Kickstarter Imminent

Battle Tank Game Contents

-Erik McGrath

We've been pretty quiet here at Inspired recently and with good reason: we've been busy.  After all this time we are finally ready to launch our bid to make Battle Tank: Escape From Giant Robot Island into a real thing to can hold in your hands.

I've talked before about all the things that go into making a game that I really had no idea about when I first started on this project, and it often seems like new things emerge all the time to stymie the process. For instance, do you know what freight forwarding is? Because I had never heard of it before I found out it was vital.

But with that, and numerous other challenges currently solved, we move on to the final phase: Kickstarter. The plan is to go live this week, if possible. All that is left to do is spend the next few days obsessing over our videos, to the extent of our abilities, and waiting for all of the account confirmations/verifications to go through so we can actually post on Kickstarter.

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