Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dun Dun Duuuun! Kickstarter!

-CJ Andersen

Inspired's first Kickstarter is now live.  Click here to visit our Kickstarter campaign!


The rewards people will be most interested in are the ones that come with actual stuff I'm sure so I will talk about those. We are of course happy to accept any amount; no job is too small, no fee is too big. ;)

Inspired T-Shirt:
For those that might not want a copy of the game, but would like to support Inspired Press, we're offering our Inspired logo on a black T-shirt.  For $20 (+$3 for XXL or larger) we will mail drop you one.

First Off The Boat:
There's only 100 of these and they are an extra thank you to those early adopters who have been following the process and jump on it immediately. For $25 you get the full, finished game plus (fingers crossed) whatever our stretch goals add.

Rescue Mission:
Like FOTB you get the game for less but rather than being early, you have to be local because the savings is due to you coming by our office and picking it up in person. $25

Get in that Tank:
It's okay if you aren't here first and aren't local, because it will still only cost you $30 to get access to this fun, campy game about giant robots being run over by tanks.

Ammo & Camo:
Yup, you guessed it;  A copy of the game and a T-shirt.  $50

So please visit our Kickstarter campaign page and take a look around.  Feel free to comment or send us a message to let us know if there is any modified versions or combinations of our rewards that you'd like to see.

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