Thursday, April 3, 2014

What do you want to see from Inspired?

+Erik McGrath

Where We Are

For awhile now I've been dedicating my free time to 16-Bit Tactics, and the majority of the things we've come up with at Inspired have been pushed back or left hanging. That's one of the problems we have here due to our staff also being our core gaming group. When we get together, we tend to play games of both the board and RP variety so that means we have to not do that in order to work on Inspired stuff together.

So here's an accounting of where the various things I've talked about are at. If any of them interest you feel free to demand more information or just let us know what you like.

Near Completed

Nothing has been physically published but as it turns out we do have a few games that are either finished PNP or so close I'm not really sure why they haven't been finished. 

Sudden Death: This could be printed as is but to sell it we'd need to polish the art. Specifically we need the artist to have time to do the rest of the pieces and of course the money to pay her.
Battle Tank: The expense of producing a board game is what stopped this project. It could be PNP as is.
Celestial Warriors: Our first RPG. Like the others, it's playable but it is not something I would even do POD given the layout is just MS Word mark up.
16-Bit Adventures: The layout is not high quality but its all in one package and you can play it from level 1-10 right now.
Squabbling Corbies: I did this one for a contest but we don't have the rights to the art. We could reskin the game and release it, or see if the artist wanted to partner up for a release. 

Rules Finished, Needs Polishing

These are the things that you could play, but are still in a choppy format.

16-Bit Tactics: My current obsession. The numbers aren't solid but it is achingly close. This one should move up to the next category and join the holding pattern soon.
Eight Directions: This was a 24-hr RPG that I never got back to. It's playable but very bare.

So Close, yet so Far

Here I'll list the games that are still in rough prototype format but that have working beta versions.

Chem 101: I think Chem 101 is our best prototype and it is currently the only educational game we have. The trick with it is we don't have a clear concept of the game part so it's purely an educational tool.
Drachenheim: We've hit a few snags and done several version of this card game. The last few versions were all decent games but it still feels like it's missing something. 
Aces High: Another achingly close card game. This one is all in the details because I don't want it to be any more abstract than it needs to be. 

Minimal Progress

We've had so many starts and stops on these as well as a few complete overhauls that despite all of them being in the first crop of "thing Erik wanted to do" we never got off the ground. 

Flash of the Blade: My first card game. Because it's one of my first ideas I am constantly re-thinking it. One day I hope to cut that out and just pick a direction and stick to it.
Gobbo Wars: In some ways this card/board game is a victim of its own cleverness. It was one of those things where I had some neat rules but then it got way too complex. It also feels too close to some other games out there so it needs more thinking on how to make it unique.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Battle Tank writ large. As a board game it is already fighting uphill and as a wargame it is going to end up complicated. Combined, those things mean it simply takes a lot of my time to make progress and that means not spending that time on the many other ideas already listed.

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